Handmade carpet _ the largest exporter and manufacturer Iranian handmade carpet



Handmade carpet _ the largest exporter and manufacturer Iranian handmade carpet

Which country has a handmade carpet with high quality in the world?

Iranian handmade carpet is most high quality and famous carpet in the world, such as silk handmade carpets of Qom, Esfahan, Tabriz and Kashan.

How much are Persian handmade rug and carpets?

Due to quality, antiquity, design, size, density, color any Persian rug and carpet has different price based on silk material between 3000€ to 80,000€

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Why is Persian rug expensive?

It is expensive because Persian rugs and carpets have high quality, durable and genuine, also, this is the best choice for investment because of its price is getting raise every day!

Persian rugs and carpets have best type of material, number of knot, antiquity, type of color and design…

Is there any fake handmade carpet in market?

Yes, these days Iran neighbors are manufacturing fake carpets based on Persian name.

How can I distinguish an original handmade silk carpet from fake one?

Move your hand on the carpet: if you want to distinguish original silk, move your hand on carpet pile strongly.

 If carpet is woven by original silk, your palm gets warm, but if it is made by fake one, your palm stays cold.when you want to buy new one for distinguishing better temperature, you should have original one with yourself to contrast between them.


You can do a burning test by cut a little bit root of carpet or by cut a knot from behind of carpet, then burn this yarn and smell its ashes. This test will help you to be professional and notice that you need to tell seller to help you by doing the test. So, if yarn is an artificial silk, its ashes will be soft and chalk and it smells like burned paper but, if the sample is an original silk, a burned yarn will turn to black color, it’s getting crumple and its ashes layer to layer that it smells like a burden hair, it’s because of you’re burning a common protein which it’s in hair and silk.

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Boil water:

Ask the seller to pour boiling water on it, if it’s an artificial silk, its color and shape will changed, however, it’s an original one, it won’t change in shape and color.

Who is largest exporter and manufacturer Iranian handmade carpet?

It’s Mr. Mirsadeghi, he’s oldest one in Iran. Mr.Mirsadeghi is an Iranian handmade carpet with most high quality exporter for 50 years and now on his son is continuing his trade.

What is a carpet wate?

Most of carpet sellers are trying to introduce number of knots as the only factor quality of carpet. However, number of knots is most meaning that carpet weaving is longer, but there are other factors should be considered to measure the quality of carpet. Number of carpet knots are varies between 40 to 1200 knots. To notice better impact number of knots in carpet texture is enough to visualize knots as pixels of the screen!

Whatever pixel numbers or knots are more, the image or map clarity is high more. So, if a weaver wants to weave more map details, he / she should use more knots.

Designs have been applied curved lines are required more knots. Whereas geometric designs are often woven by far fewer knots and it is still has high quality. A number of knots is typically practiced in carpet wate in Iran. A wate is number of wrap yarn in 7 cm. A 30 knots carpet wates with 120-140 knots in per square inch usually has a business rate and medium quality. 50 wate carpets have most high quality. 50 wates carpet usually has 330 knots in per square inch. 80 wates carpet has about 900 knots in per square inch and it’s a very best carpet. Weavers are weaving usually between 4000-8000 knots every day. So, any weaver needs more than 2years time to weave 350 knots in per inch such as most of excellent Bijar carpets.

What’s a zar and half carpet?

One type of carpet is segmented in terms of size. Zar and half for carpets is a kind of size which is about one and half feet square. Handmade carpets have different size and various design. If carpet size is 1.40 × ۲٫۲۰, it calls rug and its size 2 zars. A zar and half carpet is using in small houses or fills empty places in house. The difference between carpet, rug, runner and mat is based on size.

What is an Eastern carpet?

It’s a kind of carpet which is woven in Asia. Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal are largest handmade carpet exporters. Persian carpet is kind of Eastern carpet which is thick and condensed and it has more than 160 knots in per square inch. Iranian carpet has composed with beautiful color, unique design and special knots. Design, color, size and texture Iranian handmade carpet is famous in the world. Woven carpets are named based on city, local area, village or sellers name. Tribes carpets are named based on whom woven that carpet.

How is woven an Iranian handmade carpet?

Persian carpets whether woven in the city, wool or with woven silk, it’s woven with special technic knots and weaver knotted yarn around wrap in a peculiar way. Carpets with most amazing designs based on old maps or inspired by surrounding environment and life style, so after finishing woven wate knot by colored yarn based on map, weaver wefi yarn between finished wate and new wate that he/ she wants to use knot it to be fixed strongly.

Woven a carpet takes months even years till customers can buy a master peace, in addition the beauty, it is useful with high quality.

At first, tribes woven hadn’t no reason to use in carpet texture by using man-mad fibers. Therefore, old and precious carpets always are woven by natural fibers, silk, wool and cotton.

What are factors of handmade silk carpet of Qom?

Qom carpet is smaller than most of antique and old carpets, most of Qom handmade carpets using on wall because of its small size and beautiful design. In addition, when you put carpet on wall, it’s helping to fix its shape.Qom carpet is very unique and its price is getting high every day. Qom carpet usually is woven by best wool and silk with full tangle knots and with old technics by skilled weavers.In fact, some of Qom carpets composed with two layers of best natural silk that it makes carpet to smoother and brighter. However, Qom carpets are small, but its number of knots is more than other Iranian carpets. Most of unique Qom carpets have 400-860 knots in per square inch that weaver can make most beautiful and amazing Art.

How much number of knots is most the carpet quality will be high. Qom artists are using by most amazing maps delicate technical implementation on beautiful Qom carpets as an everlasting Art.

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How’s Qom handmade carpet map and design?

Qom carpet is usually woven with most precious and beautiful colors that shows its freshness and valued much more.

Blue, red and ivory are most of Qom handmade carpets color which in fact, these colors are 3 symbolic Iranian unique carpets. Weavers of Qom are using different maps in their Art piece.

Tree of life is a symbol of everlasting life and different medallions are most common Qom handmade carpets, also it views or different texture historical events are woven on Qom carpets.

Lines in these patterns are usually curved, conveys smooth and at the same time shows skill of weaver. Size, material, texture technic, color and design all are showing most precious value of Qom handmade carpets. However, Qom amazing silk carpets are not very old, but best material and skilled weaving are put those between most amazing carpets in the world.

How is color in silk Qom carpet?

At first, this kind of carpets colors was limited between 4-6 colors, but its designs were changed to various ones got more colors as well as used colors in Qom carpets changed up to 16 colorsafter several times. These days, dye house style are developed and number of these colors is more than 40 colors such as dark blue, light blue, dark and light gray, turquoise, Jaspery, copper color,…..all parts of dye house process in dying work shop are doing naturally in Qom.

What is a size of Qom silk carpet?

Since weave a Qom carpet takes time and also access to materials is difficult, generally Qom carpet is woven in smaller sizes. Anyway, Qom carpets are rarely made in larger sizes too. Small carpets are woven in 7× ۱۰ feet size and larger carpets are woven 10× ۱۵ feet size.

Who is largest an Eastern handmade carpet wholesale?

Mr. Mirsadeghi with more than 50 years of oriental handmade carpet Eastern exports in Iran, largest Eastern handmade carpet wholesales are Iranian handmade carpet, Indian handmade carpet, Dubi handmade carpet, Pakistani handmade carpet, Afghani handmade carpet, Kashmir handmade carpet.

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